Tactical 3W LED Rechargeable Flashlight

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Equipped with 120 Lumens, this popular tactical 3W Rechargeable Flashlight  is made of high-strength aerospace aluminum and water/shock resistant. Featuring a high intensity bulb that allows it to exceed 100k hours of use. 

  • Approximately 6 inches in length
  • 120 Lumens
  • Advanced Focus System - fully adjustable focus from a spot to flood beam. Bezel can be rotated into desired focus level.
  • The flashlight switch has three modes of light output: Press Once: High Intensity Spot/Flood focus, Press Twice: Low Intensity Spot/Flood focus, Press Third Time: High Intensity Strobe Feature
  • 3.7V lithium ion battery for up to 500x's with a sustained illumination reaching up to 3 hours.

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