103 Piece Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun Cleaning Kit

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This cleaning kit is what all gun enthusiasts need! Whether you're cleaning your pistol, rifle or shotgun, this cleaning kit has it all covered. What's more? It's all kept neatly in one aluminum carry case!


  • 103 piece gun cleaning kit designed for all types and calibers of firearms
  • Two sets of rods work for shotguns, rifles, and pistols
  • Our kits aren't just convenient, they're extremely well thought out.
  • The whole kit stores inside a custom aluminum case for easy transport.

Package Contents:

  • 3 Solid Aluminum Rods for Rifle/Pistols
  • 3 Solid Aluminum Rods for Shotguns
  • 10 Brass Wire Brushes to Fit the Following Guns: 10/12 Gauge, 20/28 Gauge, 410, 45cal, 40cal, 357/38cal, 9mm, 30cal, 270/280cal, 22cal, and 17cal
  • 5 Mops to Fit: 10/12 Gauge, 20/28 Gauge, 410, 357/38cal, 9mm, and 22cal
  • 2 Solid Brass Adaptors for Shotgun Mops/Brushes, and Rifle/Pistol Brushes and Mops
  • 2 Plastic Slotted Tips for Shotguns and Rifles/Pistols
  • 2 Universal Handles
  • 75 Cleaning Patches
  • Packed Conveniently in an Aluminum Storage/Carry case.

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