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Looking for a more comfortable and steady solution in your most adventurous shooting experience?

The brand new and high-quality made TopRestBag Shooting Rest provides solid and steady platform when aiming, you can take it anywhere and can take you to an upgraded level of shooting experience!  

Best shooting rest. Fabric cloth was really helpful in maintaining and avoiding any scratches. Provides assistance with my arms, I have never been comfortable and accurate in shooting. Changed my whole shooting philosophy! Have recommended to my co-hunters. Good job! ★★★★★ 
Louis T. – Appleton, WI  

Solid and steady aiming – One bag for the rifle barrel and the other for any stock. This TopRestBag Shooting Rest helps provide accuracy and gives you steady shooting, relaxing your arms and elbows to give 100% reliability while making a shot!  

Great for transport – lightweight and easy to carry; can be filled with sand, rice, plastic pellets or any other materials in split seconds! Easy to fill through the built-in funnel hole. Definitely made with high-quality cloth materials, very adjustable and super portable. Take it anywhere!  

Well-protected gear – soft fabric canvas will prevent your rifle from any unwanted marks and scratches. Maintain the brand new feeling with the highly made cloth, anti-wear, abrasion resistance and durable front and rear bags.   

Front and rear bag included.

Ready to take your whole shooting experience to the next level? Get your TopRestBag™ Shooting Rest today.

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